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new theme?

sort of being ambitious and trying to build a new theme, so things may look crazy for a few days. about halfway done. trying to put something up that could showcase my latest finished work and be easy to swap out which piece was displayed. and learn some php. and organize a bit. make things a little interesting. but for now i’m going to the movie. ttfn

Finished! – Diana in Snow

I finished a painting!  well, finished as it will be for a while.  nothing is ever truly finished.  :)   The new Cintiq makes things soooo much easier.   I also installed WordPress 2.7 tonight and am debating creating a new theme.

Diana in Snow

Diana in Snow

A Hiro Story, WIP Part 2

just got home from the holidays and started on panel 2. i am discovering that it’s tough to do a squint on a toddler without making him look wrinkled. but i did find a few resources after i closed the file for the night, so i will probably make some tweaks tomorrow. think i need to make the eyes/eyebrows less relaxed. here’s a link to some photos of grown up Hiro.

WIP – A Hiro Story

my friend’s little guy could totally be Hiro Nakamura’s mini-me. today over chat we came up with a fun little comic involving the Hiro mini-me and Thomas the Tank Engine. i’m flipping between Painter X and Photoshop, and this is my first piece on the new Cintiq, which i LOVE. i can’t wait to do more on this, but here’s the WIP so far on panel 1 (there will be 6 in all)

grrr ie

i had intended to just say “screw it” to everyone using ie but after working on a wp theme for work today i may build a new one.  i just hate ie.  GO FIREFOX!

1800! views on imaginefx galle…

1800! views on imaginefx gallery (and yes, i know it’s lame that it matters)