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Colors! 2009 week 9

the biweekly contest at imaginefx theme is “black pearl” so i decided to start with a black pearl. and then it just kind of turned into this. apparently my brain was a little sleepy because this little guy came out of nowhere. i’ll probably fix it up a bit in photoshop yet if i have time for the imaginefx contest.

run away, marblehead!

run away, marblehead!

Visit this picture on the Colors! website to view a movie of how it was painted.

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bleeechhhhhhhhh IE

due to the fact that i spend all day making sure sites look good in umpteen bazillllllllllllion browsers, i have always felt like for my OWN site, i could optimize it for whichever browser i wanted and to hell with the others.  and i was stickin’ to that.  ’cause everybody important uses firefox.

oops.  i forgot about Grandma.

sorry Grandma!

sooooo i spent some time tonight making the site at least not look broken in IE.  it’s not pixel perfect by any means, but at least now it doesn’t look all whacked out.  that’s what i get from trying to modify somebody else’s theme instead of start from scratch on mine.  guess i should get off my lazy arse and learn some php  (why, oh why!!  why can’t wordpress be jsp or cfm?? or flex??  actionScript??  at least SOMETHING i know already!!)

and i also added in a little amazon widget showing you my favorite stuff.  this is NOT a wishlist so don’t buy this stuff for me, it’s stuff i already own and dig enough to recommend to someone.  also, i may not have bought mine at amazon, and i may or may not have gotten mine a lot cheaper, so if you see something you like gimme a yell and i’ll tell you where i got mine if it was cheaper.

shrimp two ways bento

due to the massive amount of snow that hit us this afternoon i didn’t make it to the grocery store as planned, so i had to find something in the freezer for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

i found a bag of shrimp and some gyoza.  in the cupboard i had a box of lemongrass and ginger jasmine rice.  i decided to try to do some panko-coconut shrimp.  halfway through breading the shrimp i realized i absolutely did not have the patience to bread them all (they were small to medium shrimp – large shrimp would have made it easier and faster) so i decided to follow the theme from today’s lunch (pancakes two ways) and do shrimp two ways.

half the shrimp was breaded with panko and coconut and a little salt and pan fried, and the other half was sauteed in olive oil, shallots, and chives (i didn’t even have any garlic!!).  the panko-coconut shrimp turned out pretty good but i will use jumbo shrimp next time.  the kiddo loved all the little crispy bits of coconut.

on the menu:

  • lemongrass & ginger jasmine rice (this provides the base of the box, you can’t see it as it is all covered up)
  • 3 steamed gyoza
  • 7 smallish panko-coconut shrimp
  • 7 smallish shallot and chive sauteed shrimp
  • 1 kiwi
bento 06

bento 06

i love pancakes bento

starting to think i should start another blog for bentos.  these posts are kind of starting to take over my digital art site.  i should maybe think of a good domain name – help me think of something creative!

i was hungry for pancakes tonight so i translated that into bento.  last time i made star shaped pancakes, so i wanted to do something different this time.  i watch Top Chef, and they are always doing “something three ways” so i decided to do pancakes. hehe.  except i did “pancakes two ways” because i ate the other two pancakes i made.  whoops.  it was pretty ugly but putting the marshmallow heart on top somehow made it seem a little cuter.  until i photographed it and the raspberries look horrifyingly like gory  raw meat (which i should remember for halloween).  it looks yummier in person.

on the menu:

  • 1 whole wheat pancake stuffed with raspberries, topped with more raspberries (frozen, in light syrup.  drained most of the syrup to hopefully avoid sogginess)
  • 1 whole wheat pancake stuffed with deli ham and shredded cheese, topped with more cheese and surrounded by wisconsin cheese curds
  • 1 marshmallow heart
bento 05

bento 05

flower bento with shumai and quail eggs

of course i bought the new toys and then didn’t use them tonight. i tried making onigiri last night but failed miserably, i didn’t have a mold OR saran wrap. i realized that AFTER i got home from the grocery store and was too lazy to go back so i tried without it and pretty much had a laughable experience. :P this is the bento i made for my lunch tomorrow. i think it could have been prettier but after eating some of those shumai tonight i can’t wait to eat it tomorrow. shumai are steamed dumplings.  i cheated and bought these frozen, but i found a recipe for shumai i may have to try some weekend.

on the menu:

  • base & misc:
    • live lettuce! this stuff is cool, it comes still growing in soil! of course i didn’t put the soil in, just cut and washed some of the leaves :)
    • blood orange slices as “foliage”
    • 1 Bourbon Lumonde cookie because they are awesome
    • 2 super lemon candies for unsuspecting friends
  • flower 1:
    • salad shrimp base
    • 3 boiled quail eggs
    • baking dots
  • flower 2:
    • 6 pork shumai (frozen, fully cooked, absolutely yummmmmmmy)
    • 1 sort-of onigiri with crab filling
    • peanuts
bento 04

bento 04

thinking how lucky i am to hav…

thinking how lucky i am to have a bf who sings lullabies on my voice mail when he knows i’m feelin’ down