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Friday Fun – Download Freebie – The Road Trip Logbook

AKA how to stay awake when driving for eternity

This updated version has a couple of spelling errors corrected.
Download the Road Trip Logbook version 1.5 -  PDF format

D and I make the 5 hour drive to see family this weekend, so we decided to go ahead and make an official logbook.  We’ve made this trip so many times that it’s hard not to fall asleep on the long boring drive.  Podcasts of This American Life, road trip music playlists and video games for the passenger only get us so far before we’re fighting off zzzzZZzzz.    We’ve provided our Road Trip Logbook version 1.0 here in printable PDF format for your enjoyment.  It’s meant to be folded in quarters like a little book.  If you print it double-sided, you can turn it inside out and start fresh on the drive home.

DISCLAIMER: Before you get all offended that we count roadkill, please note that we aren’t running over animals ourselves – we are JUST COUNTING ALREADY SMOOSHED ANIMALS.  Animals die on the road.  It happens a lot.  If you think it shouldn’t happen, you should stop driving.    If you bother to count, you might be surprised at how many flattened animals and/or really weird things you see on the side of the road (watermelons – car doors – lonely shoes).  It might make you a little more cautious about speeding through that deer crossing.   Also, about the trucker bombs…ya, we know, it’s disgusting.  After keeping inventory on a 5 hour drive you too will wish that people would put their garbage and their biohazardous waste where it belongs.  If you think using the logbook is an inappropriate pastime for your child, don’t download it, and please don’t send me any PETA flyers.

Catching up – Bentos 32-34

sorry for the preemie post. I did one of those things where I hit publish instead of preview and then it got auto-tweeted so I didn’t want to take it down. argh.

ok, this is a cram-everything-into-one-post-so-I-get-caught-up post.

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“I Love Lemon” Cookies

"I Love Lemon" cookies

"I Love Lemon" cookies

I’m so behind in writing things up, but I suppose that’s good, because it means I’ve been doing a lot of doing. These are my latest cookie experiment, some of which are currently in the post to Cat Rocketship and WTCFF. Continue Reading →

How to Make an Herb Garden from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Herb Garden made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Herb Garden made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head lately about how to reuse, recycle and remake. Lately I’ve been drinking SoBe Lifewater 0 Calorie after my workouts.  It comes in these really cool spiral shaped bottles. The bottles are really sturdy and I’ve been trying to figure out what (other than recycling) I could do with them.  I thought the first thing I’d try was an herb garden.
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Colors! Week 24

Tobycat takes a snooze

Tobycat takes a snooze

ha! you thought I was going to forget again, didn’t you! ok I almost did. I almost played FF CC Echoes of time BUT I remembered. And since Tink had her portrait last week, and since Toby decided to take a snooze right at my feet, I figured he’d make a good subject.

P.S. if anyone is wondering, Tink’s doing fine without teeth.

Visit this picture on the Colors! website to view a movie of how it was painted.

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Tuna Noodles Bento in my new Frigoverre

Tomorrow’s lunch is leftover tuna noodles in my new Frigoverre glass container. I’ve heard people rave over these containers, and I like the idea of glass over plastic. Continue Reading →