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Le Studio Garage is open for the season!

le Studio Garage is Open

Since we FINALLY had a weekend without snow, I opened le Studio Garage this weekend.

Unfortunately I didn’t have D around to help me, because there was a lot of cleaning to do. Tons of leaves and dirt and everything else that blows around the neighborhood and into my garage had to be swept out.

I also discovered that my sonic anti-mouse device apparently scares mice to DEATH and not just OUT THE DOOR, because I found a dead mouse actually STUCK to the floor which I had to scrape up with a knife. EWWW.

After that I was so grossed out that I had to hose out the whole garage, and then the neighbor’s AC unit just to be nice, and then the cobwebs off the front of the house and the patio chairs just because by that time I was just having fun playing in the sun with the water hose.

After all that and some wine with the neighbors, I started in on this season’s first piece. Last season, I had started playing with Copic markers at the end of my process, so this season, I decided to start with them. Here’s a sneak preview of what I’m working on – stay tuned or follow @yiddle on twitter to see my progress.





So I was going to post a review of my new Lenovo Yoga tonight, but I got too busy playing with it and ran out of time. Here are my quick first impressions:

  • Lenovo took note of Apple’s minimal packaging. Box was slim, neatly organized and contained only what was necessary. Nice and clean.
  • It’s so light! And the screen is so pretty!
  • I’ve been using it mostly in tablet mode, having the keyboard flipped back in my lap makes me a little nervous about somehow damaging it long term but my boss showed me how he uses a sleeve to protect his.
  • Once you figure out where stuff is, Win8 rocks
  • I did get a weird memory issue notice, but to be fair I had about 800 things open at once and I’ve been beating on it nonstop doing odd stuff for about 9 hours. Diagnostics didn’t detect anything wrong, hoping it was a fluke.
  • Switching between Win8 mode and desktop mode is a breeze.
  • I need: a good sleeve, maybe a stylus for graphics work? Haven’t really played with Photoshop or Painter yet.
  • Tobycat thinks this touchscreen is also his.

I promise a more thorough review in a day or so!

I get points for that, right?

Your laundry skill increased by 3!

Your laundry skill increased by 3!

Gamification: The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts.

I am totally one of those people who get suckered in by badges and points and levels and quests. So I decided to take a gamification class at Coursera to find out why.

I am halfway through. So far, I have learned:

  1. This class is not gamified. So I am pretending the assignments are quests.
  2. The quests take up a lot of my weekend time.
  3. I use a lot of gamification apps to talk myself into doing things that are good for me.
  4. Eventually, most of those apps bore me. Now I know why.
  5. Sometimes, the intrinsic rewards make the behavior stick even after I quit the app.
  6. Someone REALLY needs to gamify housework.

Today’s gamification log:

  • Homework for the gamification class. Procured the “halfway done!” badge. I made that one up.
  • Joined fitocracy because it was mentioned in class.
  • Hit the gym and logged 1,101 pts on fitocracy. Not sure I dig fitocracy. Too much work. Also think I did something bad to my knee and my arms are gonna keel me tomorrow.
  • Logged into Na’s Thai Cafe on FourSquare. First time there, extra points! Tip: the tofu pad pak was awesome.
  • Realized I forgot to log into the gym with FourSquare AGAIN. I will never get that stupid gym rat badge! Briefly debated if going back to the gym just to log in would be cheating, then realized that was ridiculous.
  • Oh look! My friend liked my check in at the Thai place!
  • Oh look! People are giving me props on fitocracy for my workout!
  • Oh wait! Realize I hate people checking out my workout and decide I really don’t like fitocracy, but not quite ready to delete just yet. I should give it at least a week, right?
  • Housework. Seriously, I should be getting points for this.


ok.  well, maybe not amazing. but i haven’t been here in a YEAR, and yet I just pulled off a random theme switch redesign and wrote a new post in less than 15 minutes. WHEEEEE!

things i hope to have time to write about soon:

  • food. lots of new recipes
  • new stuff i’m enjoying
  • diy tutorial stuff
  • studio garage season is coming!