Colors! Week 23

tinky dreams of teeth

tinky dreams of teeth

i  know, i know.  missed a week again.  Colors! gallery has kind of gone to hell a bit and it leaves me uninspired.  Altho I did notice today there were a few new people there that had some cool stuff, the majority of so-called art is coming from twits with i-phones that like to scribble about how they heart (or hate, depending on the twit) Twilight and think copies of gum wrappers should hang in galleries.  blehck.  i know jetboy has other things to do that are far more important (like real life), but would be nice if they could get some mediators.   i’m not big on censorship but i’m not so fond of wading through crap to see some decent stuff either. i will try to keep going, stay inspired by other things. the warm weather has me eyeing the backyard for a good spot for the easel again.

ANYHOO… littlecat tink gets the majority of her teeth pulled tomorrow, and she looked so sweet napping sunday night that i did a little ‘toon of her, dreaming about teeth that don’t hurt.

Visit this picture on the Colors! website to view a movie of how it was painted.

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