The Enemy’s Gate is Down – Ender in the Battle Room, WIP 1



It’s been a while since I’ve posted any real attempts at artwork.  Colors! paintings don’t count, not because Colors! isn’t a real app, but because those are more of an attempt just to make myself do some kind of art. Sometimes I get that icky “there’s no way I’ll ever have enough time to devote to being good, so whatever I produce is going to be crap” feeling. It’s horrible. I want to paint, need it so much it’s a physical feeling, but something stops me from starting.

That’s where WTCFF comes in. Thank God I have him around to believe in me. I tell him I’m in a slump, and he plays coach and cheerleader. He reminds me that I paint because I love it, and he gives me an assignment. And he follows up to make sure I’m doing it :) When I told him I was stuck again, he gave me this assignment: Ender’s Game. The formic queen OR the battle room. GO!

There’s a new Ender book, and I’d been re-reading Ender’s Game before starting that, as it’s been at least 5 years since I’ve read it, so this was a perfect time. By the way, if you haven’t read Ender’s Game, I highly suggest it. I finished the book last night and worked up a very rough sketch, which I took into Painter tonight. Today when I was at the book store I noticed that Marvel has not only an Ender’s Game series out, but also an Ender’s Shadow, and they’re already on #3 of 5. GRRRRRRRR.

Not only have I missed the first 2 in each series, but since I already caved and bought #3 of each and read them in the coffee shop, I have to make sure that my vision isn’t affected by Pasqual Ferry’s. I love his style, similar to the style I’ve been working on though mine is looser, less polished? less shiny? less vexel? (see the mini Hiro stuff I’ve been working on), and I was really glad to see that his interpretation of the flash suits and the battle room was a bit different than mine.

Tonight’s work started out great, I was loving it, and then about an hour in Painter crashed unexpectedly and I realized I hadn’t saved. AT ALL. NOT ONCE. So I had to start over. Which was irritating, but good in a way since I decided to modify canvas proportions and composition a bit. So 25 minutes later, this is where it stands.
I have 5 more days of vacation left, so I will have no excuses if I don’t make any further progress. Stay tuned…I’m going to take a break and go start reading Ender in Exile.

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