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Self Portrait 2012

I once had a prof who said you should do a self portrait once a year, so that over the years you could see the changes in both your artistic style and your perception of yourself. So, here’s my 2012.

Me, 2012

This was my first Painter 12 experiment. I sketched with graphite on paper first, then scanned it in and used the Oil Brushes in Painter 12.  I like it a lot better than Painter 11. Not sure why I held off on buying it for so long. In fact, last night D was using the Cintiq so I had to use Painter 11 on the tm2 for another painting and going back to 11 was difficult.

Conclusions?  Hair is hard. Especially mine, which changes at least in color every 5 weeks. I definitely need practice on hair. Skin tones? Finally getting a bit better.  Style? Starting to find a space I like with the combination of sketch and oils. Still need to learn more about the brushes in Painter 12. Real media still feels far more intuitive.  And me? It’s been a hard year, but I’ve still got the tiniest bit of a smile. Bit of a tough girl. Maybe next year I’ll be softer.

Tinkle Sails the High Seas

hallo! sorry it’s been so long since i’ve been here. i’ve done a lot of work this summer, i’ll try to post pics up soon. for now, here’s a quick little paint i did of tinkle last night, who has become quite obsessed with a shoebox. she sits in the shoebox on my bed, dreaming of grand adventures.

yay for my new setup!


LOVE my new setup :)   I can sit in bed with the Cintiq and have my reference pics on the screen across the room.  Made a wee bit of progress on this one tonight.

lollipop, lollipop

Finally finished a painting last night!  No pics of that one yet (it’s still a surprise) but this is a digital sketch I did this afternoon for the next one.  I’ve been thinking of lollipops since I woke from a dream where all I could remember was the phrase “The big lollipops have to be on different teams”.  Excited to try out some new materials and techniques on this one, more details soon!

just doodles

playing with Painter 11 and my new HP TouchSmart while on the phone with WTCFF

A Diversion

I needed a diversion from the moon bunnies. I know I need to just sit down and finish that one, but it feels flat and icky and I don’t know exactly what it needs so I’ve been putting it off. Tonight I thought I should at least paint something, and this is one I’ve wanted to start for a while; my sister, doing what she does best, loving up one of her babies. I got a good start (see first image) but there’s a bunch of shape changes I still need to make before I start refining (see second image).