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Colors! 2009 week 9

the biweekly contest at imaginefx theme is “black pearl” so i decided to start with a black pearl. and then it just kind of turned into this. apparently my brain was a little sleepy because this little guy came out of nowhere. i’ll probably fix it up a bit in photoshop yet if i have time for the imaginefx contest.

run away, marblehead!

run away, marblehead!

Visit this picture on the Colors! website to view a movie of how it was painted.

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WIP – MYFX #99 – “Flight”

i probably won’t get this in on time because of holiday travel (deadline is Nov 27th midnight GMT), but if i was going to decide to do it i needed to get at least one WIP in today and one tomorrow and final tuesday.  eek.

Theme is “Flight” – ok, here’s my goofy take on this.  concept is little alien kid playing with his toy starship, sort of 1950′s american style clothes and toy.  (i told you it was goofy!)