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WIP – Natsuko and the Moon Bunnies – bubble tails and ears!

Made small progress today, but managed to get the bubble ears and tails in on the moon bunnies.

WIP – Natsuko and the Moon Bunnies, ink and underpainting

Inking mostly done, first layer of color down.

WIP – Natsuko and the Moon Bunnies

Round 1

Moon Bunny Sketches

These are some sketches for the next Natsuko painting. In her dream, Natsuko is on the moon playing with the moon bunnies. The pink ones were earlier sketches I did with just a ballpoint on notebook paper (meeting doodles), the others I did with my new Copic markers.

New digital painting in progress – Horseplay



Today we went to the aquarium with my niece and her two kids. I was inspired by a bunch of seahorses with their tails all curled around the coral. I thought my little Japanese girl would have fun playing with the seahorses in her dreams while she’s taking her nap. D argued that it’s dumb because the horse couldn’t even fit the apple in its mouth. I rolled my eyes at him. :P

I’m using the sumi-e and artist’s oils brushes in Painter X and scanned origami paper as the background. I’ve still got some work to do, on the tail and the girl’s hair and the line work and just general here and there stuff, but I think I made pretty good progress tonight.

New Painting WIP – Finally!

Untitled, WIP 1

Untitled, WIP 1

I bought some gorgeous origami paper yesterday at my neighbor’s garage sale that inspired me to start a new series. Since the paper was 8″ square and I want these finished pieces to be much larger, I scanned and painted on top in Painter using the Artist’s Oils and Sumi-e brushes. I love my Cintiq :) Anyhoo, I gotta run if I’m going to go see fireworks but here’s the first WIP (work in progress).