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Hydrangea macro photos – free for download

confused hydrangeas

confused hydrangeas

My Endless Summer hydrangeas are a bit confused this year. This particular variety is supposed to be colored pink or blue depending on the acidity of your soil. For some reason, I’ve got pink and blue on the same plant! I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Last year they were all blue except one plant on the end which was leaning towards lavender. This year they’re all mixed up. Which is fine with me, they’re pretty that way.

I grabbed the camera and snapped some photos while the light was good. These haven’t been color manipulated, but I did do a slight exposure adjustment in Photoshop. Feel free to grab them and use them for your own personal use.
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Friday Fun – Download Freebie – The Road Trip Logbook

AKA how to stay awake when driving for eternity

This updated version has a couple of spelling errors corrected.
Download the Road Trip Logbook version 1.5 -  PDF format

D and I make the 5 hour drive to see family this weekend, so we decided to go ahead and make an official logbook.  We’ve made this trip so many times that it’s hard not to fall asleep on the long boring drive.  Podcasts of This American Life, road trip music playlists and video games for the passenger only get us so far before we’re fighting off zzzzZZzzz.    We’ve provided our Road Trip Logbook version 1.0 here in printable PDF format for your enjoyment.  It’s meant to be folded in quarters like a little book.  If you print it double-sided, you can turn it inside out and start fresh on the drive home.

DISCLAIMER: Before you get all offended that we count roadkill, please note that we aren’t running over animals ourselves – we are JUST COUNTING ALREADY SMOOSHED ANIMALS.  Animals die on the road.  It happens a lot.  If you think it shouldn’t happen, you should stop driving.    If you bother to count, you might be surprised at how many flattened animals and/or really weird things you see on the side of the road (watermelons – car doors – lonely shoes).  It might make you a little more cautious about speeding through that deer crossing.   Also, about the trucker bombs…ya, we know, it’s disgusting.  After keeping inventory on a 5 hour drive you too will wish that people would put their garbage and their biohazardous waste where it belongs.  If you think using the logbook is an inappropriate pastime for your child, don’t download it, and please don’t send me any PETA flyers.


today’s list of bad things:
1. missed most of work because:
2. spent most of the day travelling between doctors. d always picks the best days to break himself, like today which:
3. was filled with snowy blowiness and cars in the ditch.  (not mine.  whew)

today’s list of good things:
1. i found cheap and cute bento boxes online so bought a couple to pack my lunch
2. my colors! drawing this week is in the Most liked pictures of the week column on Colors! site, which is a first for me
3. Little Fan has 99 downloads, one more and i guess i’ll make a new brush :)


in the last 24 hours 58 people have downloaded Little Fan. maybe i’ll make more brushes!

Little Fan – Free Photoshop Brush Download

Here’s my first free Photoshop brush offering, “Little Fan” based off one of the doodles from doodlebook 3. It reminded me of a Japanese fan, and I thought it would be a good brush for fabric and background decoration. I haven’t duplicated it yet for Painter, but if you’d like me to, let me know and I will :) The brush is free for your personal or commercial use, but I would like it if you’d show me what you create with it!

Download “Little Fan” Photoshop Brush

Little Fan - Free Photoshop Brush

Little Fan - Free Photoshop Brush