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Life Lessons #1

  • if you park with your window cracked, a bird will shit on both sides of your window at once.
  • if you leave a bottle of kahlua on top of the fridge, the cats will shatter it on the kitchen floor, proceed to get drunk and puke all over your house.
  • if you love a baby turtle, set it free. then wash your hands. those suckers carry salmonella.


Do NOT buy a robotic laundry sorter in dreamland.

It will shoot a laser beam through your whole house that slices through everything and everyone.  Then in its creepy robotic voice it will say:


Then you will be pissed, because you’re going to have to return the damn sorting robot and clean the bloody house yourself, because there is no way you’re going to buy a cleaning robot to do it for you.

i’m baaaack

ok. super quick update, because i need to update more often, and the only way to do that is just to DO IT.

Quick Summary of last week:

  • Tried out the Inkling. Still need more practice with it, will write review soon. +20
  • Purchased Painter 12. Loving it so far. Details to follow. +20
  • Had to reinstall my Cintiq drivers because installing Painter 12 screwed up pressure on the pen. -15
  • Got rear ended on the way to work Friday. -30
  • Got some good sketching in this weekend. +10
  • Signed up for some cooking classes with friends +10

Weekly wrap up total: +15

Three Day Weekend

No pictures this time, sorry.  It’s been a busy three day weekend!  LOTS of shopping.  For business trip – pants, new luggage, laptop accessories and travel-sized hair gunk.  For ME – new computer and desk!  Now this winter when I am lazy I can paint on the cintiq from the cozy comfort of my own bed :P   Did a little bit of work on Lollipops, but mostly cleaning, shopping, doing homework for a business trip and putting together the new puter and desk.  AND was able to get in a little bit of time with my NYC sweetie, who happened to have a short layover here.  Hooray for layovers!  At least when I’m not the traveler :P


Anyone out there?  If not, I don’t blame you.  It’s been FOREVER since even I’ve been here.

What have I been doing?  Here’s the short list:

  • working on some oil paintings! some on glass, some on wood panel.  hope to have pics up sometime in the near future
  • working on some Java/Android development (just for fun, because I’m a geek)
  • still studying my Japanese, think I have the hiragana and katakana down now, and some kanji as well
  • gaming – MLB The Show, Lego Harry Potter, Mini Ninjas!
  • cooking – my new fav is lemon shrimp pasta.  om nomnom.
  • tv – catching up on the first five seasons of LOST
  • reading – Night Angel trilogy and Mistborn Trilogy
  • enjoying the summer with friends & family
  • work, work and dreaming about work :P

Went to She’s Geeky Twin Cities this weekend and had a great time meeting other awesome geek girls.  I promise to come back and update more frequently!

Tink and Toby <3 Expedit

Tink and Toby love the new bookshelf. Still haven’t finished everything, but they wanted to stop for a rest.

We <3 Expedit

We <3 Expedit