yay for my new setup!


LOVE my new setup :)   I can sit in bed with the Cintiq and have my reference pics on the screen across the room.  Made a wee bit of progress on this one tonight.

Three Day Weekend

No pictures this time, sorry.  It’s been a busy three day weekend!  LOTS of shopping.  For business trip – pants, new luggage, laptop accessories and travel-sized hair gunk.  For ME – new computer and desk!  Now this winter when I am lazy I can paint on the cintiq from the cozy comfort of my own bed :P   Did a little bit of work on Lollipops, but mostly cleaning, shopping, doing homework for a business trip and putting together the new puter and desk.  AND was able to get in a little bit of time with my NYC sweetie, who happened to have a short layover here.  Hooray for layovers!  At least when I’m not the traveler :P

WIP – Lollipops, layer 1

Fought off mosquitos this morning long enough to get layer 1 of Lollipops started.  I’m having fun with layering and playing with mimicking my digital painting process.  The finished piece will have 5 layers of glass, including the stained glass background.

lollipop, lollipop

Finally finished a painting last night!  No pics of that one yet (it’s still a surprise) but this is a digital sketch I did this afternoon for the next one.  I’ve been thinking of lollipops since I woke from a dream where all I could remember was the phrase “The big lollipops have to be on different teams”.  Excited to try out some new materials and techniques on this one, more details soon!


Anyone out there?  If not, I don’t blame you.  It’s been FOREVER since even I’ve been here.

What have I been doing?  Here’s the short list:

  • working on some oil paintings! some on glass, some on wood panel.  hope to have pics up sometime in the near future
  • working on some Java/Android development (just for fun, because I’m a geek)
  • still studying my Japanese, think I have the hiragana and katakana down now, and some kanji as well
  • gaming – MLB The Show, Lego Harry Potter, Mini Ninjas!
  • cooking – my new fav is lemon shrimp pasta.  om nomnom.
  • tv – catching up on the first five seasons of LOST
  • reading – Night Angel trilogy and Mistborn Trilogy
  • enjoying the summer with friends & family
  • work, work and dreaming about work :P

Went to She’s Geeky Twin Cities this weekend and had a great time meeting other awesome geek girls.  I promise to come back and update more frequently!

just doodles

playing with Painter 11 and my new HP TouchSmart while on the phone with WTCFF