Upcycling – Lightbulb Terrariums

I saw this online and had to give it a try since I had burned out bulbs in the bathroom. One for me, one for mom, provided I don’t forget to pack it tomorrow. It was actually a pretty simple project. They look a little wild now but they’ll settle in a few days. I tried to find some tiny little gnomes or birds to go inside but no luck.

light bulb terrariums

Here’s an Instructables link if you’re interested in trying it yourself.

A Diversion

I needed a diversion from the moon bunnies. I know I need to just sit down and finish that one, but it feels flat and icky and I don’t know exactly what it needs so I’ve been putting it off. Tonight I thought I should at least paint something, and this is one I’ve wanted to start for a while; my sister, doing what she does best, loving up one of her babies. I got a good start (see first image) but there’s a bunch of shape changes I still need to make before I start refining (see second image).

WIP – Natsuko and the Moon Bunnies – bubble tails and ears!

Made small progress today, but managed to get the bubble ears and tails in on the moon bunnies.

WIP – Natsuko and the Moon Bunnies, ink and underpainting

Inking mostly done, first layer of color down.

Why I Love My 6 Color Pen

So many posts today, trying to catch up. I’ve been tweeting lately about my 6 color ball point pen, which I LOVE, and which they are no longer selling at DB (or anywhere else locally). I LOVE that pen. Makes doodling so much more fun. I looked online to see if I could buy some more and found…GASP…TEN COLOR PENS!!! For only $1.49!! I bought 10. :D

I doodle during meetings at work – I know lots of people probably think I’m not paying attention but my brain actually listens BETTER when I am drawing. Weird, huh?

This doodle came as a result of a few meetings:

WIP – Natsuko and the Moon Bunnies

Round 1