Anyone out there?  If not, I don’t blame you.  It’s been FOREVER since even I’ve been here.

What have I been doing?  Here’s the short list:

  • working on some oil paintings! some on glass, some on wood panel.  hope to have pics up sometime in the near future
  • working on some Java/Android development (just for fun, because I’m a geek)
  • still studying my Japanese, think I have the hiragana and katakana down now, and some kanji as well
  • gaming – MLB The Show, Lego Harry Potter, Mini Ninjas!
  • cooking – my new fav is lemon shrimp pasta.  om nomnom.
  • tv – catching up on the first five seasons of LOST
  • reading – Night Angel trilogy and Mistborn Trilogy
  • enjoying the summer with friends & family
  • work, work and dreaming about work :P

Went to She’s Geeky Twin Cities this weekend and had a great time meeting other awesome geek girls.  I promise to come back and update more frequently!

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