Jack in the hospital

I managed to get 3/4 can of AD in jack yesterday and 1/2 can in today by lunch. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get enough water in him on my own. For a cat his size (18 lbs after the 4 he’s lost), he needs 9 ml of water an hour, and getting the food/water mix in him was a struggle on its own. I tried giving him just water through the syringe but he fought me off. I think that cat could houdini his way out of a straightjacket. He was straining in his litterbox, and since he has a history of UTI back in to the vet he went.

Fatty liver is a difficult situation as is without adding complications. He has a bunch of sediment but isn’t blocked yet. He is staying overnight so they can get some iv fluid in him as well as help out with the pain, hoping that he will be able to urinate on his own. His platelets may also be low, so they want to check that. They were nice enough to say that they’d try to just get enough for a slide to check the platelets while they are placing the iv in an effort to save cost.

On the upside, he hasn’t thrown up in two days and he was tracking people better today. His ears would flicker when we talked to him and he was making eye contact with me and closing his eyes when i would stroke his face.

I sat with him there for about half an hour before I left. He has his blankie and his puppy, and i told them if they cover his cage he may nurse on his blankie, which comforts him. he did do that at the other vet’s. i hope he gets some good rest. i wish i could keep him at home but i don’t have the capabilities to get the fluids and the pain meds in him myself, and it’s probably good for me to get some rest too.

another positive: may be able to trade design services for vet services…cross your fingers

d update: d’s feeling pretty good, isn’t even taking any advil. i think he’s more irritated by questions about homework than he is about his arm. we go in thursday to see the surgeon who will fix his arm.

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