jack update

Jack came home with me last night around 5. He seemed happier to be home. He relaxed for a bit on the floor and then threw up some of what the vet had given him. I gave him 5 cc of AD (food from the doctor) about an hour after that as a test to see if he’d let me do it. He didn’t argue too much and he kept that down. He lets me pet him a bit, but will get up and move to a different spot if he is sick of me, and smack his tail around a bit. He’s only gone under the bed twice, he alternates between the floor and the laundry basket and the bathroom, but he did hop up on my bed and lay by my feet for a bit last night. He’s urinating ok but hasn’t pooped yet. His tongue is a bit swollen but the vet said that was from the syringe feeding struggle they had with him most likely. his breathing seems a bit labored but not horrible and they told me to keep an eye on that. he just threw up a little after i tried to get his medicine in him. they want me to tempt him with some food but now i’m going to wait an hour or so to see if he will relax first.

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