Naturally Dyed Easter Devilled Eggs

easter devilled eggs

Easter devilled eggs

I decided for fun to try my hand at using red cabbage for a natural dye.  I’ve seen this on various other sites, like and thought I’d give it a shot.  Following Maki’s instructions, I brought 4 cups of water to a boil and then dumped in 2 cups of red cabbage and boiled for 1 1/2 minutes.  I spooned the cabbage out of the now-purple water and divided the water into 3 cups.  In one cup, I added some lemon juice.  The water turned a bright fuschia.  In another, I added some baking soda that I had mixed with water, and that glass turned a dark blue.

Since this was just an experiment, I cut 3 boiled eggs in half and dropped 2 halves into each glass.  After an hour, they still hadn’t taken up much color, so I put the glasses in the fridge overnight.  I mixed the yolks with some mayo, mustard, salt, and a tiny bit of sugar, and put those into the fridge too.

I was a little disappointed with the color.  I was hoping they would be a little more vibrant.  Maybe if I had let the cabbage boil longer, but I was afraid they’d taste like cabbage then.  They don’t taste like cabbage now, which is a good thing.  They were actually pretty tasty.

Lessons learned:

  • Try boiling the cabbage a *bit* longer next time
  • Don’t cut the eggs with a serrated knife…it leaves nasty looking little lines
  • This is an overnight thing, not a quick before dinner thing

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