we’re all broken

it’s been a heck of a week. i don’t normally write personal stuff in here but i’ve been a bit overwhelmed. the kiddo recently broke his arm again, jack is very sick, bf is sick, and this morning i found out my mom isn’t feeling well either.

kiddo is in pretty good spirits, he went through this last summer so is sort of used to having to pretend to be a lefty for a while. he says it doesn’t hurt a lot, so that is good.

bf will get better soon, because he always does and because i told him he had to. so there!

mommy, i know you read this and i hope you feel better too. thank you for listening when i am worried about d and jack. i love you.

jack is staying at the vet today. they are going to continue anitibiotics, fluid drip, and they are going to try to coax him into eating on his own, or try to hand feed him. tomorrow i will bring him home and if he is not eating yet, i will have to force-feed him. hopefully that will work, if not he may have to have a feeding tube as a last resort. the vet seemed confident that he will be ok if we can get him to eat on his home.

i want to also thank Cleo’s mom for her website about fatty liver disease, http://www.hepatic-lipidosis.com/ and for her email support. you’ve been a blessing, thank you!

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