bleeechhhhhhhhh IE

due to the fact that i spend all day making sure sites look good in umpteen bazillllllllllllion browsers, i have always felt like for my OWN site, i could optimize it for whichever browser i wanted and to hell with the others.  and i was stickin’ to that.  ’cause everybody important uses firefox.

oops.  i forgot about Grandma.

sorry Grandma!

sooooo i spent some time tonight making the site at least not look broken in IE.  it’s not pixel perfect by any means, but at least now it doesn’t look all whacked out.  that’s what i get from trying to modify somebody else’s theme instead of start from scratch on mine.  guess i should get off my lazy arse and learn some php  (why, oh why!!  why can’t wordpress be jsp or cfm?? or flex??  actionScript??  at least SOMETHING i know already!!)

and i also added in a little amazon widget showing you my favorite stuff.  this is NOT a wishlist so don’t buy this stuff for me, it’s stuff i already own and dig enough to recommend to someone.  also, i may not have bought mine at amazon, and i may or may not have gotten mine a lot cheaper, so if you see something you like gimme a yell and i’ll tell you where i got mine if it was cheaper.

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