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A Hiro Story, WIP Part 2

just got home from the holidays and started on panel 2. i am discovering that it’s tough to do a squint on a toddler without making him look wrinkled. but i did find a few resources after i closed the file for the night, so i will probably make some tweaks tomorrow. think i need to make the eyes/eyebrows less relaxed. here’s a link to some photos of grown up Hiro.

WIP – A Hiro Story

my friend’s little guy could totally be Hiro Nakamura’s mini-me. today over chat we came up with a fun little comic involving the Hiro mini-me and Thomas the Tank Engine. i’m flipping between Painter X and Photoshop, and this is my first piece on the new Cintiq, which i LOVE. i can’t wait to do more on this, but here’s the WIP so far on panel 1 (there will be 6 in all)