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Tinkle Sails the High Seas

hallo! sorry it’s been so long since i’ve been here. i’ve done a lot of work this summer, i’ll try to post pics up soon. for now, here’s a quick little paint i did of tinkle last night, who has become quite obsessed with a shoebox. she sits in the shoebox on my bed, dreaming of grand adventures.

just doodles

playing with Painter 11 and my new HP TouchSmart while on the phone with WTCFF

A Diversion

I needed a diversion from the moon bunnies. I know I need to just sit down and finish that one, but it feels flat and icky and I don’t know exactly what it needs so I’ve been putting it off. Tonight I thought I should at least paint something, and this is one I’ve wanted to start for a while; my sister, doing what she does best, loving up one of her babies. I got a good start (see first image) but there’s a bunch of shape changes I still need to make before I start refining (see second image).

Digital Painting – Quick Self-Portrait 2010

self-portrait 2010

self-portrait 2010

I had a prof who told us you should do a self-portrait once a year. quick one. don’t spend a lot of time on it. this took about an hour. getting better at skin tones and highlights, need to work on hair techniques. (ugh, both painting AND my real hair. i’m so clueless about some girl things)

Sketched in Painter X, checked proportions against photo reference in Photoshop, returned to Painter X for painting. Was pleasantly surprised that my proportions were almost right on the first time.

Natsuko’s Nap – Natsuko and the Penguin

Natsuko and the Penguin

Natsuko and the Penguin

Painting #3 in the Natsuko’s Nap series. In this dream, Natsuko’s found a penguin friend. Haven’t you always wanted to hug a penguin? Scanned origami paper, Painter X and Photoshop CS3.

Natsuko’s Nap – Horseplay

Natsuko's Nap - Horseplay

Natsuko's Nap - Horseplay

I’m calling this one done. I’m still not entirely happy with her hand or her hair, but if I keep going I’ll just keep going and going and going.