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Upcycling – Lightbulb Terrariums

I saw this online and had to give it a try since I had burned out bulbs in the bathroom. One for me, one for mom, provided I don’t forget to pack it tomorrow. It was actually a pretty simple project. They look a little wild now but they’ll settle in a few days. I tried to find some tiny little gnomes or birds to go inside but no luck.

light bulb terrariums

Here’s an Instructables link if you’re interested in trying it yourself.

Samantha Saves a Star Altoids Tin Diorama Project

This is the super-secret project you may have heard me tweeting about a while back. I wanted to do something nice for my friend @ToddGallina. Todd’s a creative genius, and one of his current projects is illustrating a children’s book called Samantha Saves a Star (watch for it on Amazon…coming soon – I’ll keep you posted!). I fell in love with one of the thumbnails he had done of Samantha sitting on her swing looking up at the night sky and I wanted to turn that into a fun little altoids tin diorama. Continue Reading →

DIY – Sock Hack – Fingerless Gloves

I am addicted to socks. There, I’ve said it. There are certain stores I cannot go into without hitting the sock aisle. A new pair of socks is soft snuggly sunshine happiness. Especially fun socks. Striped socks, argyle socks, funky socks, bright socks, crazy socks. I love them all.

Target has had some awesome socks the last couple years. Last week I totally fell in love with this pair that had a double seam and bow but I don’t have anything that I could wear them with that would truly show them off and so I hacked them into fingerless gloves. I was thinking this week that it’s getting cold in the office again and that I needed some new fingerless mitts and this was the perfect excuse to buy those socks.

It was a super simple mod, one I’ll be doing again. And again. And again. New socks for my hands. Cuter and far cheaper than store-bought mitts and less than an hour to make. I am doing the happy dance.

I wrote up a quick tutorial. If you’d like to make them too, download the PDF Instructions for Sock Hack Fingerless Mitts.

DIY Project – Floor Pillows

floor pillows for gamers

floor pillows for gamers

We’ve been sorely in need of some floor pillows for a while now, and we finally got around to getting some made this weekend.  Gaming wasn’t so bad when we were always sitting on the sofa, but we picked up a PS3 this weekend and charging the controllers means sitting closer to the tv.

We did an IKEA run to pick up two 20″ and two 26″ pillows.  Then we made easy to remove covers out of fleece – gamers spill sometimes and we thought we might just need to wash ‘em.  We picked bright colors to match the area rug and the fun accessories we’ve got in the bookcase.  Sackboy approves.

This method is super easy and requires only straight seams, no hand sewing, and no zippers or buttons or velcro.  Hopefully later I’ll have time to throw up a tutorial.

DIY – Apron from Pillowcase

daisy apron

daisy apron

I managed to complete my first sewing project EVER where I didn’t have to rip out seams. Yay! I think I actually do better without a pattern. I was inspired by Raina’s Pillowcase Apron Tutorial over at Crafster. It seemed like a fairly easy DIY even for a sewing n00b like me and I like the idea of recycling something into a completely new and different type of thing.

Continue Reading →

DIY – Easy Knit I-Cord Lanyard

i-cord lanyard

i-cord lanyard

Because I recently managed to lose my work badge and my favorite Central Park Zoo lanyard with it, I needed a new lanyard. Security already gave me a new badge. Thanks Security! If I don’t keep my badge on a lanyard around my neck I manage to lock myself out of our work area every time I grab a soda or go to the bathroom, so waiting until I manage to make it back to Central Park Zoo for a replacement probably wasn’t the best idea. I worked up this easy i-cord lanyard in an evening while watching tv. Read on for instructions to make your own. Continue Reading →