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doing some multitasking here, figured I’d scan in some doodles while I wait for my hair to re-pink :P

Imaginary Tourism Postcards Part 2

Welcome to the fishbowl

Welcome to the fishbowl

Another meeting doodle.  Sometimes I doodle because the meeting has gone off on a giant tangent that doesn’t concern me.  Sometimes I doodle because it helps me figure things out.  Sometimes I am half thinking/contributing and half doodling, and that is when i make mistakes like this one where the fish is floating upside down.  He’s not dead, because there are bubbles.  Let’s just pretend he was scared by the giant cat and was making a quick loop-de-loop getaway.

Imaginary Tourism Postcards

There are no meetings in LEGO Land, but there are pirates so be careful.

There are no meetings in LEGO Land, but there are pirates so be careful.

This is what happens when I get stuck in a side-tracked meeting where the side-track doesn’t concern me.

doodlebook 3


stay tuned…i played around tonight and made a custom photoshop brush out of one of these doodles…can you guess which one? I’ll post it up tomorrow for download.

doodlebook – Scans, round 2

Doodlebook, round 2 scans

Doodlebook, round 2 scans

doodlebook – the early years

for as long as i remember i’ve been a doodler. i didn’t take notes in school, i doodled. teachers used to try to catch me unawares by asking questions, but i have a pretty good ability to doodle and still manage to pay attention, so when they figured out i could still answer they left me alone. i still doodle at work, in meetings, on phone calls. about 2003 i started saving the ones that were more than just scribbles and taping them into a little red patent leather blank book. i’ve decided to group them by time period/style and post them up here for fun.

the early years – black micron pen on bright post-its; mid 2003