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February wrap-up

  • Paintings Finished: 0 (boo)
  • Trips to the vet: 3 (boo)
  • Colors! paintings uploaded: 4 (w00t!)
  • Number of countries people visited yiddle.net from: 35 (w00t!)
  • Number of artwork contests entered: 3 (2 at Colors! gallery, 1 at DA.  still, i entered!)
  • Number of times one of my Colors! paintings ended up in the most liked paintings of the week column on the Colors! gallery: 1 (w00t!)
  • Numberof days i posted on yiddle.net: 17 (w00t!)
  • Number of bentos posted: 6 (w00t!)

aside from the painting (geesh i need to get in gear) and the vet (ugh, need a frequent flyer card)  i’d say the month was pretty green.