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DS Geekery

so i finally bought myself a used DS lite.  w00t!  my intention was to get the lite, an R4DS card (which i also ordered), and then i could use Colors, a little Homebrew app to sketch  (and record your sketches as movies!!) on the DS.  i just checked USPS and it looks like my R4 card is in my mailbox, but it’s horribly dark down the road with no streetlights so i’ll pick it up tomorrow and try it out.

but until that came i figured i’d need something to entertain  myself so i picked up My Spanish Coach (as a refresher course) and Professor Layton and the Curious Village, a strangely addictive brain teaser puzzle/mystery game.  i’ve almost finished with Layton tho, so may have to trade it in soon for one of these:

My Fitness Coach (wii) because since i quit smoking i wanna make sure not to gain weight

Personal Trainer Cooking (DS) Cookbook on DS!  Voice controlled!  awesome!

New York Times Crosswords (DS) because i’m a nerd