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Jack’s Top 5

I won’t be writing about Jack for a while. Right now it’s too fresh and makes me cry. But I thought before I try to completely focus on something else, I’d remember some of the fun things, and so I present:

The Top 5 Reasons Jack was the Best Kitty Ever

5. He could snore and purr at the same time.
4. He had an incredible knack of managing to always sit on the remote, and somehow block my view of the tv at the same time.
3. He made sure to eat any butter I left out so I wouldn’t eat it and get fat. He was always thinking of me.
2. When I was sad he would curl up next to me…with a paw on my face.
1. He always chased away the invisible dragons that were hiding in the clean sheets when I put them on the bed.

goodnight, pussycat

i am saddened to say that our beloved kitty jack passed away this morning.



jack, thank you for taking care of me these last five years. thank you for listening when no one else would, or at least pretending to. thank you for making me laugh on all those days i didn’t feel like laughing. thanks for teaching me it’s ok to still be a baby when no one is looking. thanks for all the snuggles. i love you, buddy. don’t be sad, you’re going someplace nice, and someday i’ll see you again.

Jack Update

Jack has been at the animal hospital since Friday. Trying to treat him at home was becoming stressful for both of us. He’s got some fight in him, and I ended up pretty scratched up (even tho i swaddled him TIGHT), and we both ended up exhausted at the end of each feeding, and then I’d look at the clock and realize we had another one in an hour and a half. Because he is so large (18 lbs after the 4 he’s lost), it was difficult for me to get enough food and fluid in through force feeding through the mouth, and he became dehydrated and couldn’t urinate, which was a major concern so back to the vet we went.

Right now, he has a tube in his nose to deliver food and an iv for fluids. The initial idea was a peg tube but since his platelet count is low, they were worried about bleeding so we’ve gone this route for now. it’s been a long weekend but here is the rundown:

The Bad things:
Jack is very jaundiced (orange)
He is very sluggish (possibly caused by the slight sedative to get the nose tube in)
His glucose is high, but not terribly so

The Good things:
He is keeping his food down
He is using the litter box on his own
The vet said that he is not in pain…just anorexic and a little uncomfortable from the tube and iv
Somewhere in there, he is still paying attention…he flicks his ears towards noises and voices. And he still has his sense of humor, he stole D’s chair on Saturday and today he looked like he was dozing but opened his eyes WIDE when the vet mentioned “medication”

Tomorrow the vet is going to show me how to give him subcutaneous fluids and how to feed him through the nose tube. at home he can relax and will hopefully perk up after a few days of feedings.

Colors! 2009 Week 3

obviously i’m missing kitty jack. please send happy kitty thoughts his way, he needs them.

missing jack

missing jack

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Jack in the hospital

I managed to get 3/4 can of AD in jack yesterday and 1/2 can in today by lunch. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get enough water in him on my own. For a cat his size (18 lbs after the 4 he’s lost), he needs 9 ml of water an hour, and getting the food/water mix in him was a struggle on its own. I tried giving him just water through the syringe but he fought me off. I think that cat could houdini his way out of a straightjacket. He was straining in his litterbox, and since he has a history of UTI back in to the vet he went.

Fatty liver is a difficult situation as is without adding complications. He has a bunch of sediment but isn’t blocked yet. He is staying overnight so they can get some iv fluid in him as well as help out with the pain, hoping that he will be able to urinate on his own. His platelets may also be low, so they want to check that. They were nice enough to say that they’d try to just get enough for a slide to check the platelets while they are placing the iv in an effort to save cost.

On the upside, he hasn’t thrown up in two days and he was tracking people better today. His ears would flicker when we talked to him and he was making eye contact with me and closing his eyes when i would stroke his face.

I sat with him there for about half an hour before I left. He has his blankie and his puppy, and i told them if they cover his cage he may nurse on his blankie, which comforts him. he did do that at the other vet’s. i hope he gets some good rest. i wish i could keep him at home but i don’t have the capabilities to get the fluids and the pain meds in him myself, and it’s probably good for me to get some rest too.

another positive: may be able to trade design services for vet services…cross your fingers

d update: d’s feeling pretty good, isn’t even taking any advil. i think he’s more irritated by questions about homework than he is about his arm. we go in thursday to see the surgeon who will fix his arm.

jack update

Jack came home with me last night around 5. He seemed happier to be home. He relaxed for a bit on the floor and then threw up some of what the vet had given him. I gave him 5 cc of AD (food from the doctor) about an hour after that as a test to see if he’d let me do it. He didn’t argue too much and he kept that down. He lets me pet him a bit, but will get up and move to a different spot if he is sick of me, and smack his tail around a bit. He’s only gone under the bed twice, he alternates between the floor and the laundry basket and the bathroom, but he did hop up on my bed and lay by my feet for a bit last night. He’s urinating ok but hasn’t pooped yet. His tongue is a bit swollen but the vet said that was from the syringe feeding struggle they had with him most likely. his breathing seems a bit labored but not horrible and they told me to keep an eye on that. he just threw up a little after i tried to get his medicine in him. they want me to tempt him with some food but now i’m going to wait an hour or so to see if he will relax first.