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jack back home

jack is back home. he threw up some of what the vet had given him. i think we’re both exhausted physically and mentally. hopefully being home will destress him a little. i am so glad i took his blankie in, they said he did “nurse” on it like he does here at home when he thinks no one is looking. i am hoping that is a good sign. he’s walking a bit odd but he is using the litter still.

more on jack

I’ve been doing some research and ran across another kitty, Cleo, who successfully beat fatty liver disease. Cleo’s mom has some very good info about how to help Jack through this through force feeding rather than tube feeding. After reading I am feeling more hopeful since Jack was still pretty mobile and eating a little as of a couple of days ago and has not vomited that i know of. i feel more prepared to talk to the vet tomorrow too.

if you are looking for information, here is her website:


jackson is our kitty. he’s been with us for 5 1/2 years, since he was a tiny kitten. he’s known around here as fat jack, jackie chan, jacko, jack sparrow, kitty jack, kitten chow, and babycat.

jack is very sick. he has liver damage and may or may not recover depending on if they can get him to eat on his own. apparently when large cats lose weight quickly, their bodies mobilize their fat and it gets into their liver. i thought jack was just upset about sharing the house with a new cat but he was sick. he had lost four pounds since his last vet check in december, down from 22 to 18. this has caused his liver to become “fatted”, so it is not functioning properly. he is at the animal hospital overnight tonight, where they will try to get some calories into him. i feel horrible.

i’m not a crazy cat lady. i don’t refer to jack as my “fur baby”. i don’t buy him clothes. he doesn’t wear a rhinestone collar or eat fancier than we do. but he’s my friend, my snugglebug. he knows when i’m sick, and when i’m feeling sad, and he tries his best to make me feel better. i hope that he will feel better soon too. i know that some people would think that praying for cats is silly, but if you would all say one for him, it would be so much appreciated.

Kitty Jack

Kitty Jack


well, WhiteStone did get to see tink at xmas, here are some pics for the rest of you folks. i apologize for the poor image quality, these are from my cell phone. i knew jack was fat, but he really never seemed THAT huge until we spent a week away with just tink. we came back and both d and i thought he looked ginormous.