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Samantha Saves a Star Altoids Tin Diorama Project

This is the super-secret project you may have heard me tweeting about a while back. I wanted to do something nice for my friend @ToddGallina. Todd’s a creative genius, and one of his current projects is illustrating a children’s book called Samantha Saves a Star (watch for it on Amazon…coming soon – I’ll keep you posted!). I fell in love with one of the thumbnails he had done of Samantha sitting on her swing looking up at the night sky and I wanted to turn that into a fun little altoids tin diorama. Continue Reading →


ImagineFX asked us to do a quick speedpaint on an inkblot. Try it yourself

Here’s mine after 15 min in photoshop. first it was a penguin, and then a robin, but finally settled into becoming a tiger.