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Tobycat Preps for Project Runway

project runway

Toby preps for Project Runway

For your next challenge, you shall design a sportswear look from the scraps leftover from a cutoff pair of pajama pants.  You have 2 minutes, a pair of scissors, and a budget of two kitty treats.  Time starts…NOW.


After we lost Jack, I didn’t think I would be ready for another kitty for a while. But then we met Toby. He’d been at the Humane Society since October. His previous owners brought him there because he was a blanket sucker…so was Jack! So he was a good match for us.

Toby likes his blankie, snuggles, giving kisses, playing chase with Tink and kitty treats. He also gives good backrubs, purrs loudly and has a chirpy meow.

Tink enjoys car rides, following her boy (d), playing chase with Toby and feathers. She is also very polite and likes to chat.