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Digital Painting – Quick Self-Portrait 2010

self-portrait 2010

self-portrait 2010

I had a prof who told us you should do a self-portrait once a year. quick one. don’t spend a lot of time on it. this took about an hour. getting better at skin tones and highlights, need to work on hair techniques. (ugh, both painting AND my real hair. i’m so clueless about some girl things)

Sketched in Painter X, checked proportions against photo reference in Photoshop, returned to Painter X for painting. Was pleasantly surprised that my proportions were almost right on the first time.

Natsuko’s Nap – Natsuko and the Penguin

Natsuko and the Penguin

Natsuko and the Penguin

Painting #3 in the Natsuko’s Nap series. In this dream, Natsuko’s found a penguin friend. Haven’t you always wanted to hug a penguin? Scanned origami paper, Painter X and Photoshop CS3.


Decided I’d give the Imagine FX Bi-Weekly Rebel Challenge a shot. Theme this time is “Neighbors”. D and I sat and giggled over all kinds of good ideas but none that I’d be able to get done by the 6th. Had just about given up and then just started sketching and this one started to appear.

I’m trying a new style here, more of a hard edged thing on the shadows and keeping the sketch lines intact, just coloring them a bit, and also a bit less saturated than the colors I usually use.

I think this one is my final…*maybe* (click for larger view, WIPs below)

Neighbors - ImagineFX 20th Rebels Bi-Weekly Challenge Entry



Happy Halloween (late. oops)

I finally got brave and entered my first challenge at ImagineFX. It was the October Monthly Challenge, and the theme was “Witchy”. My goal was just to FINISH by the deadline because as everyone can see I am the Queen of Unfinished Paintingsā„¢. I did finish, and am about 90% happy with it because as always there are things I’d like to clean up, but I had to make the deadline. Everyone was friendly and helpful, so I feel like it was a success and am going to try one of the Bi-weekly challenges next.

Anyhooooooooo, here’s my image, this one done entirely in Photoshop, I’ll post up all the WIPs later.