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DIY – Sock Hack – Fingerless Gloves

I am addicted to socks. There, I’ve said it. There are certain stores I cannot go into without hitting the sock aisle. A new pair of socks is soft snuggly sunshine happiness. Especially fun socks. Striped socks, argyle socks, funky socks, bright socks, crazy socks. I love them all.

Target has had some awesome socks the last couple years. Last week I totally fell in love with this pair that had a double seam and bow but I don’t have anything that I could wear them with that would truly show them off and so I hacked them into fingerless gloves. I was thinking this week that it’s getting cold in the office again and that I needed some new fingerless mitts and this was the perfect excuse to buy those socks.

It was a super simple mod, one I’ll be doing again. And again. And again. New socks for my hands. Cuter and far cheaper than store-bought mitts and less than an hour to make. I am doing the happy dance.

I wrote up a quick tutorial. If you’d like to make them too, download the PDF Instructions for Sock Hack Fingerless Mitts.

DIY – Easy Knit I-Cord Lanyard

i-cord lanyard

i-cord lanyard

Because I recently managed to lose my work badge and my favorite Central Park Zoo lanyard with it, I needed a new lanyard. Security already gave me a new badge. Thanks Security! If I don’t keep my badge on a lanyard around my neck I manage to lock myself out of our work area every time I grab a soda or go to the bathroom, so waiting until I manage to make it back to Central Park Zoo for a replacement probably wasn’t the best idea. I worked up this easy i-cord lanyard in an evening while watching tv. Read on for instructions to make your own. Continue Reading →

Amazing Tutorials by Edana

and for my first post promoting someone else…drumroll please…i present edana and her fantastic digital painting tutorials!

the “drawing a realistic eye” and “painting really old people” tutorials are amazing. i won’t post pics here until i hear back from her about whether it’s ok. but go! be inspired by her tutorials, and check out her gallery too!

edana’s tutorials