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WIP – A Hiro Story

my friend’s little guy could totally be Hiro Nakamura’s mini-me. today over chat we came up with a fun little comic involving the Hiro mini-me and Thomas the Tank Engine. i’m flipping between Painter X and Photoshop, and this is my first piece on the new Cintiq, which i LOVE. i can’t wait to do more on this, but here’s the WIP so far on panel 1 (there will be 6 in all)

WIP – MYFX #99 – “Flight”

i probably won’t get this in on time because of holiday travel (deadline is Nov 27th midnight GMT), but if i was going to decide to do it i needed to get at least one WIP in today and one tomorrow and final tuesday.  eek.

Theme is “Flight” – ok, here’s my goofy take on this.  concept is little alien kid playing with his toy starship, sort of 1950′s american style clothes and toy.  (i told you it was goofy!)

that grin – WIP

this the first step in a portrait of d – photo reference from when he was younger.  he looks much more like a teenager than a little boy now and it’s much harder to take his picture nowadays, usually has to involve some sort of bribery :P

WIP – The Reader

spent about an hour actually starting to paint this tonight in photoshop. need to get some references for anatomy and perspective and lighting before i go much further i think. so far it’s all come out of my head which i’ve learned is not highly accurate.


Decided I’d give the Imagine FX Bi-Weekly Rebel Challenge a shot. Theme this time is “Neighbors”. D and I sat and giggled over all kinds of good ideas but none that I’d be able to get done by the 6th. Had just about given up and then just started sketching and this one started to appear.

I’m trying a new style here, more of a hard edged thing on the shadows and keeping the sketch lines intact, just coloring them a bit, and also a bit less saturated than the colors I usually use.

I think this one is my final…*maybe* (click for larger view, WIPs below)

Neighbors - ImagineFX 20th Rebels Bi-Weekly Challenge Entry



WIP: Diana

Spent about an hour working on Diana tonight, made a tiny bit of progress, got started a bit with the color layering. Working on the desktop with the 22inch widescreen and the tablet was much nicer than the laptop, but I think I need to install my Photoshop brush libraries and Painter X to give me a few more options.

edit note: I’ve added the final image into this post as well. 12/29/08