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Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream with Lumonde Cookie

Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream with Lumonde Cookie

Kiddo’s staying with a friend tonight, lucky me, because now I get the goodies I bought at United Noodles all to myself.

I’ve heard a lot about mochi. Asians seem to love it, and Americans seem to think it has sort of a weird texture. I wanted to try it, but I figured trying the mochi ice cream might be the best move for a mochi beginner. Mochi is glutinous rice that has been pounded into a paste and then formed into shapes, sometimes little cakes that are sometimes filled with red bean paste or fruit.

The mochi ice cream is basically ice cream wrapped with mochi.  The mochi does have a strange texture to my American palate, but it’s not adversive.  It’s kind of gummy and chewy and sticky, and then the chocolate ice cream inside is so cold and creamy and it has little chunks of chocolate in it, it’s delicious.  Combined with the Bourbon Lumonde cookie, which is kind of a roll of papery thin pastry covered with a sweet frosting glaze, this was a really fun treat.  Chewy, gummy, creamy, cold, sweet, smooth, crispy all together.  In CHOCOLATE.

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