Dino Zombie Bento, AKA I’m sorry I killed your samich

bento 17

bento 17

Tonight the kiddo and I went out for dinner at Buca for some pizza. We brought home leftovers but I didn’t pack that for lunch tomorrow because we have teacher conferences tomorrow night and I was going to save that for a quick lunch pack.

I was going to do french toast, but then I decided I would be really lazy and just make turkey sandwiches. Kiddo was happy, because I hadn’t made him a sandwich with the dino sandwich cutter yet.

As you can see from the picture, that didn’t go so well. I used English Muffin bread, and it was a little small for the cutter, and the dino’s head fell off because English Muffin bread has a lot of holes in it. This should have been obvious to me from the beginning (duh). Kiddo said he didn’t care. After he went upstairs to do some reading, I thought just for fun I would turn the dino into a zombie, because kiddo thinks zombies are hilarious. So I dug out my brand new Wilton food writers that I bought yesterday. On the back of the box it said the were also good for writing on cheese. So I tried to draw an X for the zombie dino’s eye. This only sort of worked. Plus it still wasn’t obvious that the dino was a zombie. So I was going to write a sign on some cheese. This is when I discovered that writing on cheese DESTROYS Wilton food writers. I killed two of them before I realized that the oil in the cheese was doing it. So I managed to write on some “edible paper” with the side of the red marker that wasn’t destroyed. Then for good measure I scribbled blood spots all over the dino. Kiddo hasn’t seen it yet. We’ll see if he mentions it tomorrow night.  I think this takes the top spot for ugliest bento yet.   My lunch contains the same stuff, minus the Meiji, but mine isn’t zombified.

on the menu:

  • 1 smoked turkey swiss cheese sandwich
  • roasted garlic mashed potatoes (leftovers)
  • yellow grape tomatoes
  • 1 cup peach applesauce
  • 1/2 honey tangerine
  • 1 Bourbon Lumonde cookie
  • 1 mini box of Meiji candy

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