DIY – Easy Knit I-Cord Lanyard

i-cord lanyard

i-cord lanyard

Because I recently managed to lose my work badge and my favorite Central Park Zoo lanyard with it, I needed a new lanyard. Security already gave me a new badge. Thanks Security! If I don’t keep my badge on a lanyard around my neck I manage to lock myself out of our work area every time I grab a soda or go to the bathroom, so waiting until I manage to make it back to Central Park Zoo for a replacement probably wasn’t the best idea. I worked up this easy i-cord lanyard in an evening while watching tv. Read on for instructions to make your own.

Easy I-Cord Lanyard


  • Yarn - this doesn’t take a lot, you could probably use scraps. I didn’t actually measure how much it took, but you could make several out of a small ball of yarn.
  • DPN - 2 double pointed needles that are the correct gauge for the yarn
  • Rings - I’ve used rings used in making chain maille, but you could use jump rings or make your own with wire.
  • Jeweler’s pliers – for closing the rings


Cast on 4 (or more, depending on how big you want it around) stitches. Knit to end, but instead of turning, slide the stitches from the left end of the needle to the right end of the needle. Bring yard around from back and knit to end again. It sounds more complicated than it is. If you’re confused, stitch diva has some good i-cord photo instructions. Once you figure it out it’s so simple you can do this while watching tv.  Continue in this manner until the i-cord is as long as you’d like for your lanyard and bind off.

Tie the i-cord together with your extra yarn at the ends and then weave in the ends.

On the end of the lanyard where you’ve tied the ends together, slip on several closed rings to bind the i-cord ends together.

Open another ring (I used a smaller diameter ring for my loop ring) and pierce it through both i-cord ends, closing it with the jeweler’s pliers.  This will help the lanyard stay together more securely.  Depending on what you’re hanging from your lanyard, you may have to add more rings to the bottom loop ring.  In my sample I’ve added two rings to hold my badge in place.

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