DIY Eyelet Pillowcases – my first sewing project in a LONG time

DIY pillowcases

DIY pillowcases

There’s a reason I don’t sew a lot. I am not patient. I am not a “measure twice cut once” kind of girl. I’m a “try this. didn’t work? try that” kind of girl. Or a “let’s see what happens if we do THIS” kind of girl. Fortunately for me, my mom IS a “measure twice cut once” kind of girl and has taught me a few basics over the years. Some of them I still remember.

These simple pillowcases were pretty easy. After pre-washing and drying the fabric to make sure it won’t shrink later, lay it out on the floor and use a pillowcase you already have to determine where to cut. Cut the fabric a little bigger than the existing pillowcase all the way around to leave room for seam allowance.

Putting the right sides of the fabric together (pretty side on the INSIDE), sew the left side and then the right side, and then the end. “Let’s just wing it” girl learned that little trick after my first attempt when I started at one end and went around in a square and then got to the end and found my edges didn’t match up. It probably would have been ok to use that method if you pin fabric together first. If you choose a fabric with a finished edge like this eyelet fabric, you won’t need to hem the opening.

The easiest way to thread the ribbon is to attach a safety pin to one end and use that like a needle to guide it through the eyelets. I just tacked the ends in place instead of sewing them into the seams because I’d like to be able to swap out ribbon colors once in a while.

I still have enough fabric left to do at least one throw pillow, but “ok that was fun but now I’m tired” girl wants to go to bed so that will have to wait for another night.

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