DIY Project – Floor Pillows

floor pillows for gamers

floor pillows for gamers

We’ve been sorely in need of some floor pillows for a while now, and we finally got around to getting some made this weekend.  Gaming wasn’t so bad when we were always sitting on the sofa, but we picked up a PS3 this weekend and charging the controllers means sitting closer to the tv.

We did an IKEA run to pick up two 20″ and two 26″ pillows.  Then we made easy to remove covers out of fleece – gamers spill sometimes and we thought we might just need to wash ‘em.  We picked bright colors to match the area rug and the fun accessories we’ve got in the bookcase.  Sackboy approves.

This method is super easy and requires only straight seams, no hand sewing, and no zippers or buttons or velcro.  Hopefully later I’ll have time to throw up a tutorial.

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