flower bento with shumai and quail eggs

of course i bought the new toys and then didn’t use them tonight. i tried making onigiri last night but failed miserably, i didn’t have a mold OR saran wrap. i realized that AFTER i got home from the grocery store and was too lazy to go back so i tried without it and pretty much had a laughable experience. :P this is the bento i made for my lunch tomorrow. i think it could have been prettier but after eating some of those shumai tonight i can’t wait to eat it tomorrow. shumai are steamed dumplings.  i cheated and bought these frozen, but i found a recipe for shumai i may have to try some weekend.

on the menu:

  • base & misc:
    • live lettuce! this stuff is cool, it comes still growing in soil! of course i didn’t put the soil in, just cut and washed some of the leaves :)
    • blood orange slices as “foliage”
    • 1 Bourbon Lumonde cookie because they are awesome
    • 2 super lemon candies for unsuspecting friends
  • flower 1:
    • salad shrimp base
    • 3 boiled quail eggs
    • baking dots
  • flower 2:
    • 6 pork shumai (frozen, fully cooked, absolutely yummmmmmmy)
    • 1 sort-of onigiri with crab filling
    • peanuts
bento 04

bento 04

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