friday fun – black & white cookies

I decided I was going to spend Friday afternoons this summer doing all those crazy little projects that pop into my head late at night.
Today I made these black & white cookies.

I have all these little cookie cutters and it popped into my head one night that I could make cookie dough “printed fabric” by cutting shapes out of one color and popping them into another.

The recipe I grabbed from Martha Stewart – it’s the Checkerboard cookies recipe.  I was surprised at how simple the recipe was.  These were actually really easy and fun to make.  I didn’t really get the hang out of what I was doing until I did the hearts at the end, and by that time the white dough was a little cross-contaminated with the chocolate dough.

Basically, I rolled out the white and chocolate dough to the same height, a little thicker than the 1/4 inch slices in the recipe.  Then I used my little cookie cutters to cut the same shape out of each dough and pop the opposite color in.  After I’d filled up the dough with cutouts, I ran the rolling pin over them again to flatten them out to 1/4 inch to squeeze the cutouts in so they’d hold together better.  Then I sliced them into rectangles for the zoo shapes and used a larger cookie cutter to cut out the heart cookies.

They taste awesome, but they are soooo buttery rich it’s hard to eat more than one.  I’ll make them again to try to improve my technique (and play with my tiny letter cookie cutters!)  These would be a good group project with the kids – maybe I can get D to make some robot cookies.  Or Domo-kun!  Or…the ideas just go on and on.  If you decide to make some of these, I’d love to see them!

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