“Gettin’ by with a Little Help from the Deli” bento

bento 35

bento 35

I call this my “Gettin’ by with a Little Help from the Deli” bento because even though it looks like I spent a lot of time on it, I really only spent about 15 minutes thanks to my local grocery store deli.

The chicken was a rotisserie chicken – I’ll use the leftovers for other stuff later this week. The zucchini was pre-cut on the salad bar. The cherry tomatoes and peas also came from the salad bar.  All I did was toss the corn in the pot and dice up a small potato and pan fry it with some green onions, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. I cut the kiwi while that was cooking. Quick and easy, but it looks nice and fresh.  Hey, if famous chef and Fast Food My Way author Jacques Pepin does it, why can’t I?

on the menu:

  • rotisserie chicken breast
  • sweet corn
  • cherry tomatoes
  • uncooked zucchini and sugar snap peas
  • skillet fried potatoes
  • kiwi
  • jolly rancher candies

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