I get points for that, right?

Your laundry skill increased by 3!

Your laundry skill increased by 3!

Gamification: The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts.

I am totally one of those people who get suckered in by badges and points and levels and quests. So I decided to take a gamification class at Coursera to find out why.

I am halfway through. So far, I have learned:

  1. This class is not gamified. So I am pretending the assignments are quests.
  2. The quests take up a lot of my weekend time.
  3. I use a lot of gamification apps to talk myself into doing things that are good for me.
  4. Eventually, most of those apps bore me. Now I know why.
  5. Sometimes, the intrinsic rewards make the behavior stick even after I quit the app.
  6. Someone REALLY needs to gamify housework.

Today’s gamification log:

  • Homework for the gamification class. Procured the “halfway done!” badge. I made that one up.
  • Joined fitocracy because it was mentioned in class.
  • Hit the gym and logged 1,101 pts on fitocracy. Not sure I dig fitocracy. Too much work. Also think I did something bad to my knee and my arms are gonna keel me tomorrow.
  • Logged into Na’s Thai Cafe on FourSquare. First time there, extra points! Tip: the tofu pad pak was awesome.
  • Realized I forgot to log into the gym with FourSquare AGAIN. I will never get that stupid gym rat badge! Briefly debated if going back to the gym just to log in would be cheating, then realized that was ridiculous.
  • Oh look! My friend liked my check in at the Thai place!
  • Oh look! People are giving me props on fitocracy for my workout!
  • Oh wait! Realize I hate people checking out my workout and decide I really don’t like fitocracy, but not quite ready to delete just yet. I should give it at least a week, right?
  • Housework. Seriously, I should be getting points for this.

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