i love pancakes bento

starting to think i should start another blog for bentos.  these posts are kind of starting to take over my digital art site.  i should maybe think of a good domain name – help me think of something creative!

i was hungry for pancakes tonight so i translated that into bento.  last time i made star shaped pancakes, so i wanted to do something different this time.  i watch Top Chef, and they are always doing “something three ways” so i decided to do pancakes. hehe.  except i did “pancakes two ways” because i ate the other two pancakes i made.  whoops.  it was pretty ugly but putting the marshmallow heart on top somehow made it seem a little cuter.  until i photographed it and the raspberries look horrifyingly like gory  raw meat (which i should remember for halloween).  it looks yummier in person.

on the menu:

  • 1 whole wheat pancake stuffed with raspberries, topped with more raspberries (frozen, in light syrup.  drained most of the syrup to hopefully avoid sogginess)
  • 1 whole wheat pancake stuffed with deli ham and shredded cheese, topped with more cheese and surrounded by wisconsin cheese curds
  • 1 marshmallow heart
bento 05

bento 05

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