Leftover Greek Feast Lunch – with new handmade bento bag

Yes, I know. That looks like a random pile of leftovers. And that’s what it is really, except these are REALLY GOOD leftovers from a nice dinner out with my parents at a good Greek restaurant. We’ve got a little bit of Kotopita there (that’s what I had) and a bunch of lamb shank (that’s what Mom had) and a couple tiny bites of sea bass (that’s what Dad had). Also some pasta and roasted veggies that were on the side.

on the menu:

  • Kotopita (chicken, spinach, feta, phyllo yumminess)
  • Sea Bass
  • Lamb Shank
  • Pasta
  • Roasted Veggies
  • 100 calorie Milanos
  • Cheese, tomatoes, pretzel mix (for afternoon snack)

Also you can see I tried to make a little lunch bag.  It’s awesome because I made it.  It’s also not awesome because *I* made it.  I am not a great seamstress.   :P     I didn’t have a pattern, didn’t even measure, just kind of winged it.  All the tutorials I found were for regular brown bags or normal 2 tier bento boxes, and I wanted one for the cheapo boxes I get at IKEA.  Learned a few things. The next one will be better.  When I get it all perfected I’ll post a tutorial.

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