My ugliest bento yet

bento 13

bento 13

It might be ugly, but it tastes yummy. Plus I was able to recycle the last of the lamb meatloaf (which I had frozen) into lasagna.  I packed it into a little CorningWare Grab-It Dish.  It’s great for microwaving tomato based lunches that might stain your other pretty containers and has a nice handle and a tight sealing lid.  My mom gave me a bunch of these. Thanks Mom!

on the menu:

  • lamb lasagna (made from leftover lamb meatloaf, 3 cheese marinara, ricotta cheese & egg, rosemary, lasagna noodles)
  • pineapple and strawberry slices
  • Britannia Little Hearts cookies (these are sooooooooooo yum)

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