New bento toys!

today’s cheapo bento buys:

  • 4 sheets of pretty paper to use as photo backgrounds for my bento (pikko’s idea)  8/$1 at Michael’s on clearance
  • 12 silicone baking cups to use as food dividers: 12/$3.50 at Walmart (these are usually $10)
  • 1 Dynobytes sandwich cutter: $1.98 at Walmart

i usually avoid Walmart, i know in some places Walmarts are nice and clean and well-lit and friendly…here they just aren’t.  but i had a strange feeling today that it might be worth the 50% chance that nigel would get a new ding in the parking lot (speaking from past experience) and it paid off.  i’ve been wanting those silicone cups for a while but was too cheap to buy any and i didn’t notice any new dents in the car ;)

silicone cups and dynobyte

silicone cups and dynobyte

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