So I was going to post a review of my new Lenovo Yoga tonight, but I got too busy playing with it and ran out of time. Here are my quick first impressions:

  • Lenovo took note of Apple’s minimal packaging. Box was slim, neatly organized and contained only what was necessary. Nice and clean.
  • It’s so light! And the screen is so pretty!
  • I’ve been using it mostly in tablet mode, having the keyboard flipped back in my lap makes me a little nervous about somehow damaging it long term but my boss showed me how he uses a sleeve to protect his.
  • Once you figure out where stuff is, Win8 rocks
  • I did get a weird memory issue notice, but to be fair I had about 800 things open at once and I’ve been beating on it nonstop doing odd stuff for about 9 hours. Diagnostics didn’t detect anything wrong, hoping it was a fluke.
  • Switching between Win8 mode and desktop mode is a breeze.
  • I need: a good sleeve, maybe a stylus for graphics work? Haven’t really played with Photoshop or Painter yet.
  • Tobycat thinks this touchscreen is also his.

I promise a more thorough review in a day or so!

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