Patchwork Quilt Bento

bento 16

bento 16

I called this one Patchwork Quilt bento because it reminds me of the quilts my mom makes. I’m getting better at this eating fruits and veggies thing. They brighten up my lunch, add a little color.

Today I’m using another new bento box I got at Tomodachi. I don’t like this as much as the one I used for the last one. In the large half, I layered roast chicken, edamame, and asparagus on top of mashed potatoes. I put a little carrot on the mashed potato to make a nice striped “fabric”. After I took the picture I realized it was a little too full to pack so I had to eat an asparagus spear and a couple of edamame. In the small half, I filled a divider cup with fresh mango, added some yellow grape tomatoes and some cookies.

I noticed after I got them put together that they both have sort of an “L” shape going on with the colors. I didn’t mean to do it that way, just turned out that way.

on the menu:

  • bistro roast chicken – white meat, I usually make a whole roast chicken instead of just the quarters
  • mashed potatoes with chives and carrot garnish
  • asparagus
  • edamame
  • mango
  • yellow grape tomatoes
  • 1 Bourbon Lumonde cookie (hidden) below…
  • 1 Bourbon Chocoliere cookie

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