Picnic Lunch Bento

bento 36

bento 36

I remember going on picnics to the park or in the hills as a kid, or field trips for school, and pb&j was pretty standard fare in those lunches.

I still love pb&j, updated here a bit with natural peanut butter, strawberry fruit spread, and Arnold Select Whole Grain White Sandwich Thins. Okay, I can hear my mom – “that doesn’t look whole grain!” – but it is, it’s “white” whole grain because they were out of the brown stuff, so there! :P It’s still not as good as the good brown bread she used to make. She even used to grind her own wheat flour! Did you know that if you take a handful of wheat and chew it, after a while it gets all gummy? That’s the gluten. She used to tell me that. I would try it, and it did get gummy. But it didn’t taste like bubblicious, so I wasn’t a huge fan.  Kiddo likes these sandwich thins, and they make awesome crusts for mini pizzas too.

Those picnic lunches had a lot of cherry tomatoes and a lot of apples too. I don’t think I’ve ever had sweet corn in a packed picnic lunch before, but I had some leftover from dinner tonight so I threw that in there too.

btw, this is bento #36. Thinking I may have to have a contest for #50, so stay tuned!

on the menu:

  • sweet corn
  • pb&j sandwich quarters
  • cherry tomatoes
  • Granny Smith apple

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