shrimp two ways bento

due to the massive amount of snow that hit us this afternoon i didn’t make it to the grocery store as planned, so i had to find something in the freezer for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

i found a bag of shrimp and some gyoza.  in the cupboard i had a box of lemongrass and ginger jasmine rice.  i decided to try to do some panko-coconut shrimp.  halfway through breading the shrimp i realized i absolutely did not have the patience to bread them all (they were small to medium shrimp – large shrimp would have made it easier and faster) so i decided to follow the theme from today’s lunch (pancakes two ways) and do shrimp two ways.

half the shrimp was breaded with panko and coconut and a little salt and pan fried, and the other half was sauteed in olive oil, shallots, and chives (i didn’t even have any garlic!!).  the panko-coconut shrimp turned out pretty good but i will use jumbo shrimp next time.  the kiddo loved all the little crispy bits of coconut.

on the menu:

  • lemongrass & ginger jasmine rice (this provides the base of the box, you can’t see it as it is all covered up)
  • 3 steamed gyoza
  • 7 smallish panko-coconut shrimp
  • 7 smallish shallot and chive sauteed shrimp
  • 1 kiwi
bento 06

bento 06

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