Strawberry Spring Roll and Inari Bento

bento 29

bento 29

You’ll have to forgive me for the super horrible quickie photoshop work on this picture. The background was so wildly colored that it looked like a piñata exploded. Although that’s kind of appropriate since today is May 5. HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!

I was running errands after work and got a craving for inari. I know it sounds nuts, but one of the local groceries has the BEST inari.

So I headed into the store, returned my red box dvd, grabbed the new knit.1 from the magazine rack (because they have a pattern for knit shorts! i know, right? like a sweater for your butt!!! i have no idea why, but i MUST have these), and headed over to the sushi counter.

THERE WAS NO INARI! I think I even said it that way, with a sad pouty face. The cute older couple that runs the sushi counter heard me and came running around front and offered to make me some fresh! AWESOME! That exclamation seemed to confuse them a little but when they saw I was smiling they smiled to0 and told me to shop around and come back in a few minutes.

So I shopped around, and then I came back and got the inari, and noticed they had STRAWBERRY SPRING ROLLS!! My lucky day. I grabbed a pack of those too, and thanked the sushi couple. I told them their inari is my favorite (it is, they make the best inari I’ve ever had). As I was walking away the lady ran after me to give me a container of sauce she thought I’d like better than the one in the package. She was right, I did like it better. They are so cute I always want to hug them, but that might freak them out. So instead we smile and bow and sometimes the old lady winks ;)

I ate half for dinner and packed the other half for lunch tomorrow.  I put the sauce in the little penguin sauce cup and used my little animal picks for fun.

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